Creating a Music Bot

Everyone including their grandparents want to create a music bot, I myself have created a music bot and believe me it's not as easy as you would think.

However, if you insist on creating a music bot you can either check out the example bots below, or you could support me on Patreon for $5+, and you'll get a step by step tutorial on how to make a multi-guild compatible music bot and access to the completed source code to a custom music bot (When the series concludes).

As well as the music bot tutorial you also get a patron role on my guild, a private patron only channel to discuss with other patrons, priority d.js bot help, behind the scenes pictures, videos and vlogs, and early access to regular content and future patron tutorial series.

Support me on Patreon

If you do not feel like supporting me, there are these amazing examples; OhGodMusicBot by AoDude Moosik by Gawdl3y Commando's Music by Crawl