Episode 1

Episode 1, Getting Started.

Welcome to the first episode of my guide which will help you create a Discord Bot using the amazing Discord.js library, and I hope you follow along and create your very own bot!

If I got anything wrong in this episode, please keep it to yourself LOL, ignorance is bliss, nah I'm kidding, let me know what I got wrong and I'll correct it in the next episode.

Please let me know what you think to the series, and suggest things for me to cover in future episodes, I have a mental road map I will be following, but I may throw in the odd episode dedicated to requests.


All of the tutorial source code is available here

You will require a free discordapp.com account to use the discord service, sign up here

You can join the "An Idiot's Guide Official Server" here

If you'd like to support me on Patreon, you can do so here

Don't forget to join the "Official Discord.js Server" here

Check out the Discord Developers portal here

Discord.js Official Documentation is available here

Don't forget, if you want to invite your bots to server, you'll need to get an invite link, you can use the Discord Permissions Calculator here to set up your permissions, and generate an invite link.

List of Atom addons and themes I use; Addons:

  • atom-beautify - Glavin001,

  • highlight-selected - richrace,

  • linter-eslint - AtomLinter,

  • seti-icons - wyze and

  • tokamak-terminal - vertexclique


  • seti-syntax, seti-ui - jesseweed